The Commission Process step by step

Capture precious memories of times past. This is my Mom! I love the artistic license I took on this piece. Since it was originally black and white, I had fun interpreting the values and tones. This is something you just don't get with the original. A family heirloom that I will cherish forever.



Portraits start at $50.00 but can be as much as $150 depending on the size and details involved.  Pricing will be determined at the time of our consultation when details are discussed.  A $20.00 non-refundable fee will also be added to the total price.

Step 1- The Concept

Email me a picture of the piece you wish to have painted and concepts you have in mind for the finished piece.  I do require a small non-refundable $20 deposit to cover my time.  Concepts may include what kind of background you would like or if you want lettering added.  All of my art is done in 9x12 or smaller. 

Step 2- The Painting!

Once the deposit is received, I will take brush to paper and begin creating your vision. Once finished, I will scan a proof to you for your approval.  I do offer a money back guarantee on the price of the piece, I want you to love it!  If you don't like your piece I will offer the choice to repaint it or simply give you your money back minus the $20 deposit.  

Step 3- You got Mail

Shipping is included!  I will carefully package your painting for delivery as soon as payment is received.  

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